WEDO 400 Watt Flood Light Led Outdoor Waterproof IP66

Wattage: 200W
Sale price$239.99


LED flood lights are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, businesses and other industries due to their energy-saving capabilities and long-lasting life. WEDOLED has an impressive selection of 400 watt flood lights to choose from. With these LED flood lights, you can enjoy the benefits of both energy-efficiency and long-lasting illumination.

With WedoLED’s 400 watt LED flood lights, you can save up to 80% on your energy costs. This is because LED lights are much more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent or halogen lights. They also last much longer and require less maintenance. On top of that, LED lights produce a much brighter and cleaner light than their counterparts, making them ideal for outdoor lighting applications.

When it comes to safety, WedoLED’s 400 watt LED flood lights are also a great choice. LED lights are much safer than halogens or incandescents, as they do not produce any ultraviolet or infrared light. This eliminates the possibility of fire or other hazards, making LED flood lights the perfect choice for any outdoor lighting needs.

WedoLED’s 400 watt LED flood lights are also very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This makes them ideal for outdoor applications.

Looking at the nine advantages of 400 watt flood light led as follows:

Sufficient Brightness
Its brightness is up to 18000lm with 95lm/w luminous efficiency, fully meets your needs. Super bright LED chip provides you excellent bright light without shadow and dizzy light.

Energy Efficient
A great replacement for Halogen Bulb, saving over 80% on your electricity bill.

Cross design of heat dissipation with quality aluminum, which effectively prolongs its lifespan. By adopting tempered glass, safe and extremely high light transmittance, the panel is much more durable.

Flexible Installation
It comes with a metal bracket on the lamp body, allowing you to install the light flexibly, the lamp body can be adjusted 150 degree, choose angle you want, then tighten up the screws on both side of the bracket.

Wide Beam Angle
150 degree angle, providing you with wide illumination range.

Widely Application
The LED flood security light is perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting, such as garage, car park, hotel, garden, backyard, landscape, trees lighting, working room, warehouse, factory lighting, barn, square, stadium, basketball court, petrol station, building exteriors, statues, signs, billboards etc.

1.Plug and switch is not waterproof, please keep it dry when in use.
2.No motion sensor function.
3.Do not watch the bulb directly when the light is working in case of hurting your eyes.

Power: 200W/400W
Color Temperature: 6500K
Shell Color: black
Ingress Protection: IP66
Wire Length: 19.6 in (without plug)
Lifespan Time: >50,000 hours
Color Render Index: 85Ra
Input Voltage: 110V (85-265V available)

Package Includes
1pc led flood light cool white.


1 - 9 pieces, retail price.

10 - 99 pieces, wholesale price.

100+ pieces, factory price.

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